Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord.
The human race is engaged in a war. You can not escape it.

It is not a war between flesh and blood rivals, but a war none the less. This war is for the eternal souls of men. A conflict between Christ and the anti-Christ. The Anointed of God and His anointing vs. all that stands against the Anointed of God and His anointing.

Unseen forces, principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places, seek to deceive every man, woman and child into believing a lie.

The lie goes like this: The paths that lead to God are many and equal in their ability to deliver completely.

Each path has its own deceptive spirit. One says, "All you need to do is be good and do good."  Another says, "Follow me and I will set you in high places of heavenly bliss." Each one seeks to draw the pilgrim of life away from the Christ of God and His anointing.

Jesus said, "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man can come to the Father but by Me."

He didn't say, "I Am a way." Nor did He say, "I am a truth." Neither did He say, "I am a life." No! Jesus said that He was, and is, the only access to God Almighty.

Our Nation and the nations of the world today would do well to review the history of the Roman Empire. We need to take a good look at where seeking after "other gods," so called,  and allowing the lustful desires of the flesh to run rampant will take us.

God wants to give us an abundant life, beyond anything we can imagine. It can only be experienced in the plan and purpose of God in Christ Jesus.  - more -



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